Buying stock from companies to clear excess and unwanted stock

Do you have a large quantity of unwanted Stock that you would like to dispose of?

Whether you’re dealing with excess stock due to bankruptcy, frustrated imports or just general surplus stock, SanTrex can work with you to clear your stock in a rapid, ethical way. We work with small firms and larger-scale companies alike and can help clients all over the globe.

Here at SanTrex, we buy a range of quantities both loose and packaged at a really competitive rate. This means whether you have products in small, large or bulk quantities, our firm can evaluate the surplus, ensure our offer is great and give you the best service throughout.

We don’t just buy your stock to leave it gathering dust in our warehouses. We’ve cultivated great relationships with a huge number of suppliers and buyers and will work with your guidance to find the most ethical and suitable route for remarket or disposal so as not to impact your current clients.

When working with us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an answer about your stock fast so you’re never left waiting around. We want to help your business move forward as quickly as possible.

We’re passionate about ensuring we work ethically, which means taking our buying guidelines into account as well as our fair and best practice policy.

Clearance Made Easy

We take pride in offering great customer service. Client satisfaction is incredibly important to us. In fact, we consider it our most important marker for success. We believe in working with clients on a longer-term basis rather than simply looking to complete one deal. We’re looking to build relationships with our clients based on trust so they know they can rely and depend on our services from now on.

The professionals here at SanTrex are leading experts in the purchase of excess stock. We have extensive experience indealing with major national retailers, distributors and manufactures and other blue-chip companies. This background means our clients can rest assured that they’re getting only the highest quality service and a team that understand their firm’s unique needs and how to best accommodate them.

If you think SanTrex could benefit you and your organisation, contact us today. We’re both friendly and professional and we’re dedicated to creating great, long lasting relationships with our customers.