At SanTrex, we do just that: buy your surplus stock and dispose or remarket it as quickly and ethically as possible. We get back to any requests quickly to ensure you’re not waiting around for an answer and we can start the logistical process as soon as possible.

We are buyers of

• Customer returns stock: We can purchase customer return stock on a regular basis from few pallets to several containers per week. If you have branded stock that you don’t want circulating back in the UK market, we have export facilities around the world that we can utilise.

• Surplus stock: We can clear excess surplus stock within 24 hours. This will allow you to free up some space and capital. As part of our operation we offer a full, discreet and confidential de-branding service. Any branded packaging or tags can be removed and the stock can be de-labelled and listed as OEM stock.

• Damaged or Scrap Stock:
We are accredited by the environment agency to carry out repairs or recycle of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) under the waste exemption T11. We have systems in place to delete and erase customers’ data on any devices.

We work worldwide and always go above and beyond to ensure we’re taking our fair and best practice policy into account before making decisions. This means you can depend on us to bring you a fair price and an ethical service.

Whether you’re dealing with frustrated imports, bankrupt stock, excess stock or anything in between, SanTrex can ensure you get the right solution for you needs.

If you think we could benefit you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly professionals. We’ll talk you through all of your options to find the fastest, most economical and ethical way to get rid of your surplus stock.